The decision making process in deciding which recruitment firm would best represent you, is not an easy one. After all, the first impression that a future employee will have of your company is provided by the recruitment company you choose to represent you. By understanding our clients’ businesses and providing the right candidates, we have ensured that 100% of our clients would use us again.

We already have an enviable client list, but as an ambitious young company we are always looking to add more companies to our growing list of satisfied customers. The reason that we have such an outstanding record in attracting and maintaining new clients is because we operate with a consultative and intelligent approach. Our new clients quickly discover that we have extensive strategic knowledge of how financial teams operate and have an implicit understanding of how we can meet their objectives.

At Halliday Marx we prefer to listen to our clients and base our solutions on the information they give us. We know that every situation is different and therefore requires a tailored approach.

We know that recruitment isn’t rocket science – but we have applied ourselves to a straightforward system that makes our involvement with clients uncomplicated and easy.

We also like to think that our positive outlook is infectious and makes the process of recruitment an enjoyable one. The excellent feedback that we always receive from our clients is down to the fact that we love what we do and we provide a professional service, every step of the way.


At present we operate throughout Greater London as well as the South East of England. Central London, the West End, The City of London, Canary Wharf, Docklands and West London house the majority of our clients. We also place candidates further afield, for our London based clients who have overseas operations, and also help foreign based companies with UK pilot offices. We are growing this client base nationally and internationally.

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