Meet Denny Mason, Recruitment Consultant. Find out why he’s proud to be part of the Halliday Marx Team.

Denny Mason is a recruitment consultant working within the Halliday Marx Permanent Division. Denny recruits top financial talent from CFO and director level positions, all the way through to graduate and entry level roles. He has an impressive portfolio of clients across London.

Why Halliday Marx?

I’ve always felt passionate about relationship management and having previously worked in the Financial industry, Financial Recruitment seemed like a perfect fit.

The Halliday Marx ethos is centred around the need for building trust and an understanding of client/candidate aspirations, rather than just placing people on seats and meeting the volumes. You are not just a number on our KPI spreadsheet, which is admittedly quite often the way people can feel when dealing with recruitment agencies.

What advice would you offer to someone looking to move to a new position?

Moving jobs is an emotional process, and we appreciate it can be a really difficult time. Therefore, I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to find a consultant who will work with you from registration to placement. At Halliday Marx, we can consult and advise you on absolutely everything.

During your registration, we will walk through your experience, advise on your CV, consult on the current job climate and answer any questions you may have concerning your search. Once we’ve agreed on which roles you want to go forward with, we’ll let you know everything from the company culture, interview style and techniques, to what to wear at your interview! You can expect regular communication and feedback.

What advice would you give to an organisation looking for a recruitment agency to support their expanding business?

We get it. When you have a business to run, recruitment isn’t top of the priority list! Quality over quantity is really important. We don’t want to waste your valuable time and will only send candidates we truly believe will be an asset to your organisation.

Provide as much detail as possible up front. The more information we have about the type of experience, qualifications and skills you are looking for in a candidate, the better we can serve you.

It is also imperative you make sure the recruiter and agency you’re using specialise in your industry and sector. The more experienced the consultant is, the better for you and your business.

What hiring trends can we expect to see in the next 6 months?

Despite the media driven uncertainty surrounding Brexit, we’ve seen no let-up in demand for our candidates, both on a permanent and interim basis. The permanent team remain robust with no obvious trends or fluctuations, and our client demands stay constant at all levels.  The same is true for our interim placements. These candidates are becoming increasingly important in managing critical skill gaps within organisations, and we’ve seen a rapid rise in demand for interims at the £500-£800 per day level.

Is there a typical profile for a Halliday Marx client?

No. We have hundreds of different clients. Recently, we’ve worked with finance teams in the solar power industry, travel industry, property industry, marketing industry………and it doesn’t stop at that. These will be with turnovers ranging from £1 million to £1 billion plus, with finance teams of all shapes and sizes.

Is there a typical profile for a Halliday Marx candidate?

No. We recruit at all levels, both permanent and interim. Whatever your background, whether you’re fresh out of university looking for your first role, to being an experienced Finance Director, whether you work in the media industry or the insurance business – we want to help.

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