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Having the right level of staff resource available is critical for any business. During particularly busy periods your resourcing options are often to hire a new team member or ask your existing team to take on more work.  A more viable option however is to use an Interim, here are 4 reasons why this could make sense:

1. Demand

Temporary resources are the best option when the volume and frequency of your work and projects fluctuate. Unless you have a steady stream of projects running for a number of years, you most likely won’t need the resources beyond the life of the project. Interim accounting professionals can be hired quickly when you need them and you can disband the project team when the work is done. This removes the risk of carrying additional costs in the business after the projects are delivered. Interims are also a viable option when you need to grow your team but are unable to secure additional headcount approval.

2. Cost

Year End reporting and Budget seasons, amongst others, typically brings a spike of work for accountants. Many companies turn to large external audit firms for consultants to manage the volume of work required. However, this often comes with a hefty price tag. Hiring an Interim with the right skillset, not only removes the workload from your to-do list, but at a much lower cost.

3. New ways of thinking

Professional Interims have the added advantage of experience in a diverse range of environments. Each job they undertake provides them with an opportunity to gain best practice experience from a variety of employers. Bringing Interims into your team provides you with an opportunity to access new ways of thinking – with the added benefit of injecting fresh energy.

4. Continuity and agility

A professional Interim will hit the ground running. If a critical resource has left you, know that finding a replacement may take time. However, you still have deliverables to meet, internal stakeholders to service and your remaining team members are stretched to capacity. An Interim enables the work to continue, leaving you free to recruit the right skills and replacement team member. Additionally, your new employee won’t feel overwhelmed by the mountain of tasks on their desk when they arrive and your existing team will be happy because they haven’t had to take on additional tasks to keep things going.

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