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For many, the past few months have been a time for reflection and thinking about what really matters to us. The pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives; the way we live, shop, socialise, exercise and for many, how we work. This shift has not only changed the candidate experience, but it has significantly adjusted their expectations regarding what matters to them in a new role. While progression and work-life balance are still important to them, more people than ever are looking for employers that align with their values.

To ensure you attract the best financial talent in the city, we have complied some of the top requests cropping up on their wish list:

Remote Working

Working from home is the new normal. Even those initially reluctant to work remotely are now adjusting positively to this new way of working – and many of our candidates want it to be the way forward. Our top talent have been working from home for weeks, proving they are more than able to successfully deliver their objectives remotely – so it will be difficult to refuse this flexibility to employees going forwards.

Finance is also a job requiring complete concentration, and that’s so much easier without regular office distractions; your phone ringing, colleagues popping over to ask a quick question, loud conversations taking place near your desk. Not only does remote working create a highly productive environment, it also allows for individual working styles.

“We all work and concentrate in different ways, and our candidates are telling us they are more productive in an environment where they can set their own noise levels”, added Halliday Marx Director, John Marx. “For some this might mean complete silence, for others it will involve blaring music”.

Creating this unique work space and routine is something our candidates have come to value highly, viewing it as an enabler for delivering their very best.

Employers wishing to attract top talent will need to consider how they can incorporate remote working (even if only for part of the week), into their organisation.


Being able to log on remotely has become vital. The need for systems that actually work and don’t drop out every 5 minutes has shown itself to be a basic requirement. Candidates need reassurance that companies have the technical expertise, processes and equipment to enable them to work productively. The expectation is that systems will link up effectively and employees will not have to spend their valuable time searching for information.

Having the right technology also allows for successful collaboration and communication. With the vast offering of applications and tools available, there is no reason why working from home would feel any different to accessing technology and systems in the office.

Poor technology wastes time and builds frustration – top candidates generally won’t tolerate it anymore.

“Due to our investment in cloud technology and having a solid set of collaboration tools, Halliday Marx have found the move to remote working relatively seamless. Our entire staff base can connect, share ideas and support our clients and candidates in exactly the same way we would in our London office”, added John Marx.

Continuous Improvement

Leaders who actively encourage a culture of continuous improvement and efficiency will attract and retain talent. If gaps in your systems and processes are identified, candidates want to understand how potential improvements are reported, measured and managed.

“During the lockdown, working with frustrating, inefficient processes became a consistent reason for our financial talent wishing to explore other opportunities”, added Halliday Marx Director, Andy Halliday.

High performers want to be part of a high performing environment and a commitment to quality will go a long way to potential employees being interested in your organisation – and you keeping them long-term.


Candidates are keen to look at organisations they consider stable. This can mean various things, but generally, candidates will be wary of any organisations looking to cut costs, restructure, or who currently have an unhealthy cashflow.

“Our candidates need to feel confident that their potential employer has the ability to withstand a temporary problem, such as a decrease in sales or loss of a key client”, added John Marx.

With this in mind, organisations showing expansion or growth will attract a great deal of interest.

Team Mindset

Top financial talent will always place a team orientated culture high on their list of must-haves, but now that working remotely is the new norm, this requirement has been elevated.

“Our finance specialists are looking for a culture where teams collaborate, share knowledge, communicate and most importantly support one another – having this trust builds confidence which in turn, empowers people to achieve their absolute best”, commented Andy Halliday.

With the vast offering of technology such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, is it now easier than ever to stay connected.

“At Halliday Marx we pride ourselves in having built a sense of team into our everyday work. Throughout the pandemic we have held daily Zoom calls with all staff, and our weekly Zoom team quiz has been a huge success, boosting creativity and encouraging some healthy competition!”, added John Marx.

Employees also need to understand where their work fits in the organisation’s mission, goals, principles, vision and values. Since working remotely is likely to be the new norm for many, our top talent want to understand how they will still feel part of a team.


While many of these elements have been important factors for candidates prior to the pandemic, they have now jumped right to the top of the list. These last few months have changed so much about our everyday lives, it is not surprising that candidates are also changing their priorities.

Companies who can clearly communicate how they have embraced these changes will open themselves to many opportunities and build a successful, agile operation, attracting the very best financial talent London has to offer.

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