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At Halliday Marx we have been successfully placing accounting and finance candidates from Australia and New Zealand in London roles since our company started in 2010. In fact, our Directors John Marx and Andy Halliday, between them, have a combined total of 50-years of experience placing Australian and New Zealand candidates, especially in London.

The reason for this is threefold:

  • The cultural fit is outstanding
  • Their Work ethic is tremendous
  • The UK, Australian and New Zealand accounting standards align perfectly.

In March 2020 the pandemic slammed the doors shut on talented Australian and New Zealand accounting professionals coming to London. Thankfully, the trickle that have returned is slowly becoming a stream, with borders now open and most restrictions lifted. We’re very excited to be welcoming back a new wave of highly skilled individuals who are keen to get working.

So, what are the benefits to our clients of recruiting an Australian or New Zealand accountant? And for candidates travelling over from Australasia, what is so great about living and working in London? Here’s what our vast amount of experience has taught us:

Work Ethic

There is no doubt about it, most of the Australian and New Zealand candidates we have placed have been tremendously hard working, positive and have a genuine ‘can-do’ attitude. They are ready to start working and soon become integral to the business they are working in, even if that is for a short-term, interim role.

The Perfect Interim

As many Australian and New Zealand candidates are working on 2-year Tier 5 Visas, they are completely comfortable and accustomed to working on an interim basis. Advantages for an organisation are that they can fill a vacancy very quickly with a well-qualified, cost-efficient candidate who can provide instant impact.

Shared Qualifications

Another benefit of hiring an Australian or New Zealand accountant is that their CPA and CA qualifications are completely recognised in the UK and are on a level with CIMA, ACCA, and ACA. With the age of the Tier 5 Visa scheme now increased from 30 to 35 it means more experienced candidates will also now be available to hire.

For Australian and New Zealand candidates looking to work in London, it’s often an experience never forgotten! Here are some of the reasons our candidates have given us over the years:

Career Opportunity

Having UK experience on your CV will bring significant benefit in the Australian and New Zealand job market when and if someone returns home. Not only does working in the UK provide an opportunity for an amazing overseas experience, but it can seriously enhance future career opportunities.

Earning Potential

Whilst some might be put off working in London by hearing that it is expensive, it should be recognised that salaries reflect the cost of living which makes it good news for professionals in high demand roles such as accountancy. The situation can look even better when taking an interim or contracting position where these roles don’t incumber a company with all the long-term financial and risk commitment of a permanent employee but can pay extremely well.

High Demand

Demand for Australian and New Zealand accountancy professionals has never been higher than it is now, although Halliday Marx Director John Marx has observed some changes, “What we have seen is that there has been a noticeable shift of client mindset from employing Australian and New Zealanders purely on an interim basis, to also giving them permanent roles from stepping off the plane. Where a permanent job might have a shelf life of two years, clients seem to lock in their antipodean talent like a long Steve Smith innings.”

Fellow Director Andy Halliday continues “Many candidates, towards the end of their visas find their employers offering them sponsorship to stay years longer should they wish to.”

“From our point of view, free movement of all splendid Aussie and Kiwi accountants to the UK should be enforced now. We hope Boris can achieve this. As long as we don’t get too much chirp from our lower hemisphere friends when they win the cricket, they are welcome in their thousands! Ship them over!” adds John Marx.

Europe is Near

With the Eurostar and many of the budget airlines based in London, Europe is on the doorstep, with many of the great European cities and destinations less than 2 hours away and so the opportunity to travel, even at the weekends is limitless.

London Living

London is one of the most exciting cities in the world to live and work in, with a cultural, social, and night-life scene that is second to none! There is also a huge Aussie and Kiwi expat community already here to help overcome any homesick blues!

If you would like any more information about recruiting any of our Australian or New Zealand candidates, please do contact us, or if you are a candidate and have recently arrived in the UK or have been here for a while and are considering a new position, our specialist consultants will be delighted to talk with you and find you a suitable position.

Please contact us on 020 7096 8200, or write to us at [email protected]