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Are you hungry for a step-up in your career? Perhaps internal organisational changes have created opportunities and you don’t want to miss out? The most important thing to remember is that you are in charge of your future, and only you can take responsibility for it.

To help you take control of your financial career, Halliday Marx have put together some key points to consider when thinking about promotion.

It’s all about attitude

To put yourself in line for a promotion, you need to go above and beyond your expected duties. Show that you’re interested in more than your current role. A good employee volunteers his or her efforts before even being asked.

Do your current managers need help with projects? Maybe you could ask to be involved in assignments that are in place to support wider company goals?

John Marx, Director, Halliday Marx, commented “Make sure you deliver. Do things when you say you will and ensure you only need to be told things once. You’ve got to put yourself out there”.

Understand the bigger picture

Make sure you understand the wider company goals and how your work contributes to them. Ask to get involved. Find out what is going on in and around the organisation. Is there a company committee or some charity work that you can get involved in? These opportunities allow you to showcase your strengths to the wider business and gain visibility with management. It can also be another way to demonstrate your motivation and positive attitude.

If you see a problem, don’t just leave it for someone else to deal with. Demonstrate that you’re a problem solver by bringing ideas and solutions to the table and then play a role in putting them into action.

“It’s also important to constantly assess your skills and performance, those who want to climb the financial career ladder must be proactive in understanding their knowledge and development gaps”, added Andy Halliday, Director Halliday Marx.

Show your management team you are committed to continuously assessing and improving your skills. Leadership teams are always impressed with candidates who look for self-learning opportunities to improve. One way to achieve this is through being assigned to a mentor who can offer coaching and hands-on opportunities to help you gain the experience you need to move forward.

Communicate your goals

Set yourself clear goals and communicate them. Set aside time with your manager to discuss your aspirations and what you are doing to help yourself achieve them. Most managers genuinely want to help you achieve your career objectives, but with conflicting demands and a busy schedule, they don’t always have your career development and advancement in front of mind. It’s up to you to make them aware of your professional goals and ambitions.

Do remember that there are many people who aren’t looking for a promotion. Some people are very happy to remain in their roles for long periods of time and (if you’re after that promotion), you don’t want your manager to think that you’re one of them. Make your intentions clear or risk being overlooked.

Set yourself some long and short-term goals. One good technique for goal-setting is to start with your big, end-goal, and then work backwards to set the smaller goals that will help you get there. Keep a record of your achievements and deliverables, this will help you when you need to demonstrate why you are ready for promotion, and how your deliverables have contributed to the bottom line.

In Summary

Waiting for a promotion to come along is the wrong move. Be proactive and put yourself out there, make your intentions known. By expanding your scope and being proactive, you can position yourself so that when the next opportunity for a promotion arises, your name is at the top of the list. Don’t be afraid to take charge!

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