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The Recruitment and Search consultancy you choose to work with should be as good a fit as the candidate they help you to hire, but when searching for who to appoint you may be faced with a sizeable list of potential options. Here are some key factors you should consider in making your decision:

The Right Fit

Be confident that the Recruitment and Search Consultancy understand your culture, your team, and your business. You will be able to gauge this by the questions they ask you, and the research and preparation they have carried out before you meet with them. Ask yourself if this company really gets what we do and is working with them going to be a valuable and pleasant experience? The right recruiter will make hiring more intuitive.

Accurate Portrayal

A fundamental aspect of the hiring process is to make sure that your company and the position you are hiring for is accurately represented to all potential candidates. You do not want your new employee arriving on their first day confronted with a job that wasn’t clearly detailed and a company culture that differs wildly from one that was described to them. As Halliday Marx Director John Marx says, “A decent recruiter will have a very strategic set of guidelines that will always accurately present the client’s job expectations, and what the candidate can expect from the organisation they will be joining.”

The Right Candidate

When the Recruitment and Search Consultancy focuses on hiring candidates that will fit seamlessly with their client’s business and will be happy working there, rather than just focussing on qualifications and experience, clients get far better value. When candidates are hired for fit, they acclimatise more easily and contribute to their role quicker. The recruiter should be skilled at conducting in-depth interviews, thoroughly checking references and be able to carry out skills tests if required.

A Genuine Relationship

The development of a long-term relationship with your Recruitment and Search Consultancy will benefit you immensely. Look for a consultant who won’t just find you a candidate and disappear, equally seeing if their Consultants have been working there for a long time is also a good sign. Relationships evolve, and over time you need your recruiter to understand the challenges you face and the best types of candidates to suit our needs. John Marx concurs with this, “Building long-term partnerships facilitates 100% better recruitment, we have found that really understanding our client’s needs through working closely with them not only helps find the ideal candidate but also speeds up the process. All companies should be aware that the consultant they choose is the face of their own Brand or company. Candidates’ first impression of your company will be the quality of Consultant who talks them through your role”.

Market Intelligence

It’s crucial the recruiter you choose can provide in-depth and accurate market intelligence. Information such as the state of the job market, candidate expectations, salary scales, candidate availability should be readily available as well as detailed guidance on what you need to do to attract them.


Unquestionably, great recruitment companies have excellent consultants working for them. The consultant is the Brand ambassador for your company, the first person who is telling candidates about your opportunity and how good you are. Top consultants are knowledgeable, articulate and can help you design a well thought out and strategic plan to secure the right talent

If you base the selection of your Recruitment and Search Consultancy on the points mentioned, you’ll undoubtedly increase the chances of working with a company that will guide you in the right direction over the long-term.

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