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At Halliday Marx, interim management is one of our specialist areas, successfully placing professional financial interims from Senior CFO and FD positions through to change management expertise.

Our candidates thrive on the exposure to a broad variety of projects, many of whom are also used to working in virtual environments, and they often tell us how interim roles provide them with an opportunity to specialise in their preferred area of capability.

For those considering an interim placement, we have put together a short summary of the typical types of interim management projects that might exist in the financial space, along with some of the benefits and risks associated with temporary placements.

Typical Assignments

Senior interim positions are generally best suited to experienced professionals who have been working in their field for a number of years. At Halliday Marx, we find our interims are often placed in positions where they are required to:

  • Act as a subject matter expert and supplement internal knowledge or to provide training
  • Support mergers or acquisitions
  • Manage/support period-end reporting
  • Assist/lead projects and assignments
  • Deliver/support change and transformation projects
  • Lead/support technology projects or new system implementations
  • Provide temporary cover for long-term leave
  • Hold the fort, while the client takes their time selecting the right permanent person

Pros and Cons

Interim management provides the flexibility of being your own boss and if desirable, the option to avoid a corporate identity. One major positive is not having to engage in office politics – which often means you gain trust quickly and easily.

The challenge of constant exposure to new people, issues and solutions maintains a fresh approach and keeps things interesting. You can focus your personal growth and career on your chosen area of expertise, keeping yourself up to date, diverse in your knowledge and build multi-sector experience. This will likely result in higher rates of pay and access to a broad range of opportunities.

On the flipside, when a project is underway it can be considerably harder and more time intensive than a permanent role. There is obviously a short period of time allowed to get familiar with the company’s specific workings, but professional interims are expected to add value in their new role immediately. Due to their level of experience, an employer will expect a swift understanding of any processes, core technology, and the organisation’s industry.

However, the benefit of interim management is that you can choose when you wish to work. It is not uncommon to see professional senior interims working for nine months of the year and then taking a three-month holiday.

Whilst higher rates of pay can often be obtained, the reassurance of a regular salary is not guaranteed, and gaps between positions are unknown. In addition, as an interim manager it is unlikely you will receive employee benefits such as holiday pay, sick pay, pension, health insurance and training allowances.

At Halliday Marx we stay in regular communication with our interim professionals to make sure they are aware of any potential positions for consideration following their existing assignment. It is also true that the longer you work as a professional interim you will find you start to build a substantial professional business network, far more than is usually possible in a permanent role.


Working as a professional interim can provide an excellent opportunity for those wanting to play a critical role in delivering success and driving results, often opening the door to a wide range of experiences, attractive earnings and flexibility.

Interested in learning more about interim assignments? Feel free to get in touch with our specialist consultants us on 020 7096 8200, or email us at  [email protected]. We have extensive networks to help you connect with the opportunities you’re looking for.

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