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Changing careers is increasingly becoming the norm. With constantly shifting industries, an ever-evolving technology landscape and the fact that people are retiring later, a change of career direction is no longer viewed as an exception. Halliday Marx have welcomed this trend, with many of our own employees transferring from various industries to find a flourishing and satisfying career in recruitment. In this article, we share three factors you should consider if you think you could have what it takes to be part of our team and recruit with the best.

Are you genuinely customer centric?

At Halliday Marx we cannot emphasis enough the importance of customer relationships. The foundation of our brand is built upon our consultants’ ability to truly understand the aspirations and needs of our candidates and clients. We treat people as individuals, and fully appreciate not all motivations and needs are the same.

Candidates look for new positions for many different reasons, career development, life changes, restructures, promotion, or perhaps maybe their core values have simply changed. Some clients just want to understand their options should they decide to look for new opportunities, and that’s fine with us. We are very relaxed and happy to share our knowledge.

For the client it’s more than a simple skills match. Our consultants have a meticulous focus on client brand and their growth aspirations, this ensures that potential candidates can not only do the job well, but that they are the right cultural fit.  At Halliday Marx we have one interim and one permanent consultant per client, this ensures clients only receive a small number of extremely good matches, and not twenty CV’s to see if anything sticks!

Any placement must be win-win for both candidate and client if there is to be long-term success, our consistent approach means we have built trusted, long-term relationships, and that is at the core of the Halliday Marx brand. A career in recruitment means people who truly put the client and candidate at the heart of what they do. This will ultimately result in referrals and allow you to build your own portfolio.

Do you have transferable skills?

Recruitment draws upon a vast array of skills; excellent communication, negotiation, the ability to work under pressure, impeccable organisation and self-motivation. Whilst our consultants are target driven, they are also approachable and patient. We welcome individuals who have these transferrable skills and can apply them in a new context.

Halliday Marx Director Andy Halliday says, ‘Many of our consultants didn’t plan a career in recruitment, a great example is one of our Senior Consultants, Chris.’

Chris worked in the Claims Department for an insurance company. He had a good degree and education, he enjoyed his job but wanted a career. Like many recent graduates he felt unsure about what he wanted to do and ‘fell into’ insurance rather than sought it out. A client of Halliday Marx suggested he came in for a chat to gain some direction and career advice.

‘During our conversation, it became clear Chris was highly motivated, focused and not afraid of a challenge’, said Andy. ‘The conversation resulted in a job offer at Halliday Marx’.

Five years later, after excellent coaching and regular support and leadership from Andy and fellow Director John Marx, Chris is a successful consultant with a healthy portfolio of candidates and clients and an integral part of the Halliday Marx team.

Career changers that have worked in other professional service environments bring fresh ideas and thinking, which is inspirational to colleagues.

‘They have a pre-packed professional DNA inside them’. Added John Marx.

Are you thinking about your long-term career path?

Whether you are feeling stuck and need a new challenge, your personal circumstances have changed, or you just have a burning desire to do something different and exciting, changing careers could be your answer.

Recruitment offers strong earning potential. If you are good, you will climb the ladder. It’s not about qualifications or time in service. Halliday Marx can offer real progression that is purely driven by you and your abilities. We also pride ourselves in our competitive package that gives consultants a larger slice of the pie.


If you are thinking of a career change it’s important to make an informed decision. A strong sense of customer focus and a desire to understand their needs is essential. Assess your strengths and weaknesses and consider your transferrable skills. You must be prepared to work hard and invest time in new learning, but a career change into recruitment will certainly revitalise your motivation!

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