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Many of our clients are now starting to initiate their post-pandemic planning and one of the key considerations is how they will resource new assignments. The obvious answer is the hiring of Interim talent that doesn’t require any long-term commitment, particularly during this period where we are transitioning back to normality.

But Interim talent has a much broader appeal and value to organisations than just filling in a gap between permanent hires. Here are some of the main advantages Interim talent can offer you:

Instant Impact

Interim staff are accustomed to joining organisations for a short period of time, aware that they need to make an immediate impact. They are often highly skilled and specialists in specific niche areas and can draw on extensive experience gained from working across different organisations and sectors. A fresh perspective can often change and enhance the traditional ways things have been done, making real impact!

Peaks in Workload

Inevitably every organisation goes through periods of fluctuating workload. An Interim can take over any excess workload without requiring a lead-in period or training, they are results-driven, not interested in office politics and therefore super effective.

As Halliday Marx Director John Marx says, “Our interim candidates are always highly skilled and hugely experienced and have a wealth of industry experience and knowledge which they use to help on a client’s particular project. Generally, they’ll want to move on to the next project and so are hugely focussed on getting the job done.”


The process of hiring Interim staff is significantly quicker than finding a permanent hire. It can often take up to 3 months to place a permanent role, at Halliday Marx we regularly place Interim roles within 24 hours. This speed can be a real advantage to organisations who need to move rapidly in setting up teams for new projects with the objective being a focus on technical skills rather than ensuring there is a long-term cultural fit.

Absence Cover

There is always a chance employees and senior management may be absent for long periods or, as is becoming increasingly common, they take time off in the form of a sabbatical. Corporate management and strategy can’t be put on hold and so the great advantage of the Interim is that they can step-in at short notice and hit the ground running. Often an Interim has built an entire career before deciding to become a freelancer and so their experience will be invaluable.

Immediate Interims Become Permanent Solutions

Hiring an interim to cover a position or lead a project is a great way to support the business at short notice without adding to the headcount, as well as being a highly efficient and flexible solution. An added bonus is that it allows an organisation the opportunity to assess the individual’s performance in a live setting and whether they could become a valuable permanent member of the team.

Cost Efficient

Interim employees are by their definition a temporary solution and so do not require a fixed annual salary or incur some of the other costs associated with a permanent employee. For specific projects it’s an excellent way to manage the resource budget.

Professional Recruiters

A challenge when hiring interim staff is the speed needed to fill the post. Dedicated contractors often have solid networks in place well and have a plan for their next assignment. If you are looking for a candidate who is immediately available, you should expect them to have multiple opportunities on the go. It is crucial therefore to have a streamlined recruitment process in place to avoid any delays.

This is where professional recruiters can provide critical support. According to John Marx “The biggest challenge can often be the limited time organisations have to find someone who possesses the specialist skill-set required. We always recommend planning ahead and get a company like Halliday Marx, who have extensive experience in Interim management, involved as soon as you can.”

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