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Looking to grow your team? To make sure you get the best candidate with the correct skills and fit for your company culture, it is vital you partner with the right recruitment consultancy. Your experience will vary significantly depending on whether you decide to work with a generalist or specialist agency.

At Halliday Marx, we offer a specialised recruitment experience, dedicating our focus on purely finance and accounting talent within London and the surrounding areas.

To help you make the right decision for your recruitment needs, we’ve put together some top reasons why we think specialist recruitment consultancies are the way to go!

We understand your needs

A generalist agency will place numerous different job types, this makes it impossible for them to have a detailed understanding of a specific skill-set, such as finance and accounting. In contrast, a specialist agency will focus purely on one field, this means they can offer expert advice, immediately understand every job brief, and quickly access the most suitable talent for the role.

Placing numerous different job types might sound like a positive attribute, but it can prove frustrating if you are presented with a high volume of CV’s that may not be specifically suited to the role. This does not happen with us. At Halliday Marx, our expert knowledge means we are able to offer a far higher level of service through intelligently selecting 3-4 candidates that we know will result in a successful outcome for the client. This saves businesses time and money wading through unsuitable options.

“We understand every single role within the finance and accounting sphere, generalist recruiters can’t possibly have that knowledge,” added John Marx, Co-Founder, Halliday Marx.

We understand your needs, because we focus solely on financial professionals.

Access to specialist talent

We know where to look for the best talent. We have a large network of specialised candidates, and we have built an excellent relationship with them throughout their careers. We already have a good understanding of their capabilities and career aspirations, and we can also approach passive candidates that generalist agencies won’t easily be able to access.

In fact, when our clients talk to us about a new role, we will typically already have a
shortlist of potential candidates in mind – and if we don’t, we have a vast network of financial professionals we can rely on for referrals.

Specialist Knowledge

Each role requires its own set of key skills, qualifications and terminologies. Our consultants immerse themselves in the finance and accounting space, so they know how to engage with top financial talent. Understanding their world means we can talk to them on a professional level, which means we are more likely to grab their attention.

“Our consultants chat with candidates every day, they know exactly what is happening in the finance and accounting recruitment market at any given time and how this impacts candidates and clients”, added Andy Halliday, Co-Founder, Halliday Marx.

By definition, even the world’s best generalist recruitment consultant couldn’t possibly hope to know all of those skills and terminologies for every vacancy they encounter. However, our consultants speak with hundreds of candidates every month, we know a great deal about what’s happening in the industry and when top talent will become available. We have information regarding when new projects are launching, which companies are planning to hire, where the best talent is currently working and how candidates view your company compared to competitors.

At Halliday Marx, we also use our specialist knowledge to help prepare clients for their initial meeting with a potential candidate. Making the right first impression and gaining credibility with the best talent is crucial in attracting elite candidates. It is extremely common for a candidate’s first impression of your company to be via their recruiter, if this doesn’t go well, you will risk negatively impacting your brand. This is why it is vitally important to have an outstanding recruiter who truly understands the specifics of the role to support you through the hiring process.

It’s all about long-term relationships

A basic service is no longer enough. Businesses want to partner with consultants who truly understand their company vision and can provide them with the specialist talent needed to get there. They simply don’t have the time to wade through unsuitable candidates – hiring needs to be simple, clear and agile.

And that’s exactly what we do.

Our expert knowledge means we are more likely to ask clients the right questions in order for us to identify and speak to the right candidates, and we can provide market information that businesses simply wouldn’t be able to access otherwise. For instance, we can guide clients on creating a comprehensive remuneration package and the types of benefits they should offer to attract the best candidates.

In Summary

Specialists excel where specific skillsets are required. They understand the intricate needs of both the client and the candidate, have access to specialised talent, and know exactly what is required to attract certain candidates – all saving the client time and effort.

If you’re looking to hire top finance talent and need advice, call us on 020 7096 8200 or email us at [email protected]. Let’s start the conversation.

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Our philosophy is simple: Do things simply, do them well.