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It’s no secret that Covid has altered the focus of the UK workforce. Job seekers traditionally looking for salary advancement have been replaced by those seeking flexible and hybrid working, increased learning opportunities and progression.

Hiring the best candidates in a competitive market means standing head and shoulders above the rest. You have to be able to pinpoint what makes your company unique and appealing to the best talent. Rest assured, you don’t need a pool table, office bar or quarterly team holidays, but you do need to articulate what is great about working for you.

Know Your Employer Value Proposition

The recruitment process isn’t just an opportunity for candidates to sell themselves to you, it’s also a chance for you to sell your company to them. That’s where your employer value proposition (EVP) comes in. Your EVP is a list of components that when combined make your company stand out. These fall into five categories:

  • Financial rewards (salary, bonuses, options, etc)
  • Employment benefits (additional leave, salary packaging, gym memberships, etc)
  • Career development (training and development opportunities, internal progression)
  • Work environment (flexible working, hybrid arrangements)
  • Company culture (collaborative team environment, great internal communication)

What Makes Your Company Unique

Be clear on what you offer to candidates and be sure to mention these during your recruitment process. This will show candidates that you are committed to making your company a great place to work. When asked “What are the benefits of working for your company?” some of your answers might include:

  • Hybrid working arrangements
  • Philanthropic efforts
  • Bonus schemes
  • Team building events
  • Family-friendly – i.e. supportive of child pick up and/or drop off duties
  • Located close to public transport links
  • Regular training sessions
  • Extra leave days for every year worked
  • Study support for professional qualifications
  • Professional memberships paid for or contributed towards
  • Mapped out career progression route

Showcasing Your EVP

Some elements of your company are easier to demonstrate than others. Financial rewards and employee benefits are much easier to talk through than intangible benefits. There are however some actions that can help you to get candidates excited about joining your team:

Rapid Recruitment Saves Your Reputation

Today’s finance talent have endless options for choosing where they want to work, they’re actively avoiding employers with a poor reputation. They want to know they’re working for a company that values their time and prioritises a good candidate experience. The slower your recruitment process is, the more likely your candidates will lose faith in the process and subsequently your business.

Be Accurate In Your Representation

Be honest with your candidates. The successful new hire will discover the challenges and benefits of working for your company anyway. It is best to set expectations from the start. An important factor to remember is to make talent aware of the challenges they may face. Whether your systems aren’t as streamlined as they could be or there is a backlog of work/projects due to staff shortages or workflow inefficiencies that need tightening up. This doesn’t have to be a negative aspect. Some candidates will view it as attractive as it will provide the opportunity for them to make an impact and effect change, as well as make their CV look brilliant.

Recruiting the right talent for your company can be hard work,  if you would like any more advice on this topic or if you’re looking for your next role, please get in touch with our specialist team today on 020 7096 8200 or email us at [email protected]

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